Dust in the Wind


Another Video Concert Hall memory for which a video may never surface. You may also remember a commercial that ran during the show, soliciting sales of the Ziggurat album via 800-number.

Thanks to Randy for originally remembering the video. Thanks to Paul for remembering the commercial and describing the video, which simply featured the band sitting and playing in a recording studio.


The Dickies


Bow Wow Wow



Grace Slick



You've Got What I Need


The Dickies

Banana Splits

Carl Carlton

She's a Bad Mamma Jama



Pocket Calculator

Calling All Girls

Dr. Hook


Hell on Wheels

Too Bad

...to Paul in Hawaii, for digging up a slug of VCH videos for the ol' blog.

Here they come!


The Members

Working Girl

My sister and I were talking the other day about this song/video, and she expressed complete assurance that it was on Video Concert Hall. While the video is not on the Wikipedia list, it is definitely of the era (1981) and I can attest to the fact that she watched copious amounts of VCH. Does this ring any bells for you?


I thought it was high time to give this blog some love; this last couple of months, I have been somewhat swamped -- to the point where the only attention I have been giving it is to go though and make sure that the videos have not been removed from their respective sources. My intent is to back up all the videos so that I can replace them if and when the need arises.

In the near future, I also intend to go through the Wikipedia list again and see if there is anything posted, either to the list itself or to YouTube et al, that wasn't there the last time I checked. On that note, I just wanted to emphasize that I am largely going by the Wikipedia list for postings to this blog. There are many Video Concert Hall videos of which I have a very solid memory (Tim Curry, The Police, The Dickies, just to name a few), and others that I have forgotten over the last 27 years. I also think that my rabid viewership of VCH occurred in it's latter half, and so I assume that there were videos that aired earlier in the show's run that I never saw -- at least as part of the show. I realize that there may be errors in the Wikipedia list -- things people remember from early MTV or other video shows. The only way to truly know exactly what aired, would be to have extensive proof on video or some kind of written transcript. Actually, I now know that there is some video out there, and am quite intrigued by the prospect -- hopefully something will come of that.

Anyway, I am striving for as much accuracy as is possible, and hope that people who visit here will enjoy the videos they remember, brush over the ones they don't, and help out if they can (i.e. if I don't have the correct version, assist me in finding it, etc.).

Thanks to everyone who has visited, commented, and written. It may take me a little while, but I will get back to you. I find it quite interesting that Video Concert Hall seems to be such an enduring memory for those of us who experienced it.



Billy Joel

It's Still Rock and Roll to Me

A few weeks ago, I put this video out there for validation, but had my own memory that validated it. I had written about how my sister and I thought the saxophonist in Billy Joel's band was cute -- well I remembered that we had made the connection that the same saxophonist, Richie Cannata, played in Rita Coolidge's band in the video for Let's Go Dancing, which was also on Video Concert Hall (and I have yet to find). An observation that no doubt came from the repeated viewings of both videos that the show would have provided. So there you go!


The Police



The Who

Who Are You

Baba O'Riley is really clear in my memory as having been on the show, but I'm going off the list on this one. This clip is from The Kids Are Alright, but could have easily been used on a video show. As always, let me know if it is not the clip that ran on VCH.

The A's

This is from the British show Old Grey Whistle Test -- is it also the clip that ran on VCH?

Herman Brood

Saturday Night

Thanks to Tim for the help on this one.


A Little is Enough

Thanks to the person who added this video to YouTube a few days ago -- I was starting to wonder if I would ever find it!

And a useless bit of info. -- I believe the Pete Townshend videos were introduced on Video Concert Hall as being by Peter Townshend. Quite formal!


Chic - Le Freak

Rose Royce

Car Wash


Billy Joel?

I seem to have a foggy memory of seeing Billy Joel's video for It's Still Rock and Roll to Me ad nauseum, and, well, Video Concert Hall was the place to see the same videos ad nauseum. I just watched the video on YouTube, and recalled that my sister and I thought Richie Cannata (saxophone) was quite cute, making me even more sure that it was on there (she'd gone off to college by the time there was MTV, Night Tracks, Friday Night Videos, etc.), but I think I'll put it out there for validation.

Another Billy Joel single from the Glass Houses (1980) was Sometimes A Fantasy, and I wonder if this video was on the show, or that it just seems like it could have been.

Link Here: It's Still Rock and Roll to Me -- Sometimes a Fantasy. TIA for any comments!



Supertramp - The Logical Song from Disco Freak on Vimeo.

The Logical Song

Supertramp - "Goodbye Stranger" from Edu Cesar on Vimeo.

Goodbye Stranger

Breakfast in America

I'm going strictly off the list on Wikipedia for these -- no recollection of seeing Supertramp on VCH. As always, if the wrong videos are posted, let me know. I always aim for accuracy. :)

Driver's Seat


The Headboys

There was a video on VCH that I remembered as being either by The Headboys or Dead Boys and having rain in it. A little searching turned up that it was The Shape of things to Come from The Headboys. It's odd when you start listening to a forgotten song, then before you know it, you're recalling the next lyrics they sing. No luck in finding the video, but here is the MP3!


Here Comes My Girl

I know this video was on VCH, remembering specifically the part where Tom grabs the bassist (I was around 10 and thought that was really funny). I think Refugee was on there, too -- can anyone confirm?

Split Enz

I Hope I Never


Do You Love What You Feel

Thanks again to Chris!


Herb Alpert




Pop Muzik


Rough Boys

Baker Street



Der Kommissar


Rick James


The A's

After Last Night

Note: According to comments on YouTube, this video was on VCH, although it is not one that I remember at all. The A's Who's Gonna Save the World is listed in the Wikipedia article as having been on the show -- will post when/if found.


Devo - Whip It

David Bowie




Dire Straits

Sultans of Swing



Borrowed Time

Thanks to Chris for the reminder of this one (try not to rock out too much). Sorry the quality isn't that great.


The Police

Message in a Bottle

Video Concert Hall also aired a clip for Bring on the Night -- still searching, and looking forward to seeing the boys playing palm fronds again.


The Who

Baba O'Riley

Pete Townsend - Let My Love Open the Door

Let My Love Open the Door

I Love the Nightlife



Turn it on Again

Gary Numan


Down in the Park

David Bowie

Ashes to Ashes


Never Knew Love Like This Before



Another Nail in my Heart

Iggy Pop

Five Foot One

The Cramps

Garbage Man

The Dickies

Nights in White Satin


Split Enz

I Got You

One Step Ahead

Tim Curry

I Do the Rock

Paradise Garage

VCH also aired a Village People video for the song Sleazy. Alas, that one has yet to be posted.