Supertramp - The Logical Song from Disco Freak on Vimeo.

The Logical Song

Supertramp - "Goodbye Stranger" from Edu Cesar on Vimeo.

Goodbye Stranger

Breakfast in America

I'm going strictly off the list on Wikipedia for these -- no recollection of seeing Supertramp on VCH. As always, if the wrong videos are posted, let me know. I always aim for accuracy. :)


  1. Chris Oliver said...
    I do remember "Goodbye Stranger." I have no recollection of "The Logical Song" or "Breakfast in America" playing on VCH, but who knows?
    Anonymous said...
    "Goodbye Stranger" was the only one shown regularly, always following that horrid, nightmare-inducing "Dreams" by Grace Slick. "The Logical Song" (live version) was shown once on Solid Gold. Perhaps that's what you're thinking of.
    Anonymous said...
    Yes, I remember Goodbye Stranger as well. It had a long guitar solo with a wah pedal at the end...

    - Randy
    Cary said...
    One of the best albums ever. Shame they could never duplicate its quality or success. Follow-up efforts weren't even close. "Dreamer" et al come nowhere near the cuts from Breakfast In America.
    JTL said...
    Yup, I remember seeing Goodbye Stranger quite a bit. I seem to remember, though, the "video feedback" effect, that popular effect commonly used in the 70's and 80's, at the end of the video.

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