Another Video Concert Hall memory for which a video may never surface. You may also remember a commercial that ran during the show, soliciting sales of the Ziggurat album via 800-number.

Thanks to Randy for originally remembering the video. Thanks to Paul for remembering the commercial and describing the video, which simply featured the band sitting and playing in a recording studio.


  1. Anonymous said...
    In addition to the video shot at Quadraphonic Studio in Nashville, where we recorded our first album, we also shot a live performance video in Atlanta. I've often wondered what happened to those videos. None of us in the band ever got copies. It would be a hoot to see them now. And an even bigger hoot to show them to my teenaged sons!
    Dave Sansom
    Gary n said...
    I was stationed in Ft. Carson, Colorado from 1979-1980 and first heard of Ziggurat on Video Concert Hall. I had one time found their album but it was warped and took it back to the store. Because it was the only album they had, I never owned a copy of Ziggurat's album. Too bad I didn't know I would eventually own a linear track turntable and could play warped albums. I've been looking for these guys since then and they're nowhere to be found. It's such a treat to find this website. It's now on my favorites so I can play these videos and remember how music video is supposed to be as opposed to the trash that is aired this days. Thanks for the memories.

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