The Police

Message in a Bottle

Video Concert Hall also aired a clip for Bring on the Night -- still searching, and looking forward to seeing the boys playing palm fronds again.


  1. Anonymous said...
    i remember the Bring on the Night video - my all time favorite - haven't been able to find either.
    Anonymous said...
    I remember bring on the night with the band playing only palm leaves with really bad overexposed vidcam lighting! I have lots of this stuff on videotape somewhere (if it's not dust by now, it will be extremely poor quality because it was recorded at the super-extended speed. Something like six hours on a videotape!).

    - Randy
    Shable said...
    WoW...I thought I must have dreamed this one up.
    Andy & Sting w/palms & Stewart with a real guitar? The band walking at the cameraman who was walking backwards across a big dark parking lot...or something?
    Ahhh...those were the daze.

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