Shooting Star


You've Got What I Need


  1. Chris Oliver said...
    "Tonight" is definitely the song I remember. I remember that video very clearly. It's interesting, because this is the point in my life when I was first discovering rock music, and obviously I hadn't developed any real taste yet--a few years later I would've hated that song, but I loved it when I was 11.
    Anonymous said...
    Steve Thomas (the drummer) was the reason I started playing drums. He was way ahead of his time. Both videos were a huge influence for me at the time when I was 9 years old and an inspiring drummer just getting into rock and roll. That was of course before I knew that there was such a thing as the bass guitar. I switched over later in life. I always thought it was funny in the video "You Got What I Need" that they have the seemingly endless white background. Then, when Van McLain takes the guitar solo at the end, he puts his foot up on the wall and gives it away.

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