Grace Slick



  1. Anonymous said...
    I forgot about this video....

    Funny thing is the lyrical double take I had to make when she came to the part "sons of satin" when corresponding it to the face in the frame. I think the was asked to change one of the vowels (remember, Grace came from San Francisco)
    Chris Oliver said...
    God, what a weird song. It sounds like something Barbara Streisand would sing after a bad acid trip. Used to freak me out.
    Blaze Glory said...
    I dunno...maybe it's not such a big deal, but as I told Mel when I sent it, I refuse to watch it! Perhaps one day we'll learn the story behind it -- who directed, etc., but I know damn well Grace doesn't run her own MySpace.

    This is an excerpt from Top Ten Cheeziest Videos of the 80s at

    10. Dreams by Grace Slick
    Scary. Very scary. If anyone remembers it, there should be a support group for you. I still have nightmares of Gracie in a freaksome cleavage-baring royal purple Lycra evening gown, singing the lines: "Sons of whores and sons of bitches..." while a wind machine tosses about her Medusa-like locks. Now, we know Gracie was a firm believer of better living through chemistry--but this video, and THIS VIDEO ALONE, could replace those egg-in-a-frying-pan anti-drug commercials with more efficient results. This is you. This is you after dropping acid 65 times and naming your child God... 'nuff said? Be afraid. Be very afraid.
    Anonymous said...
    This video haunted me for years. It was one of those "why, oh why?" was this even written curiosities-while it freaked me out, I couldn't get enough of it. Whenever it came on VCH I had to stop and watch...and wonder. WTH was going on here? And to top it off, it runs at 5 minutes. As someone mentioned above, Grace did her share of chemicals, but those creepy faces and lyrics are enough to make me never want to go to sleep again-if that's what 'dreams' are really all about. Yeeesh-I just got the heebies!
    BTW-what a claim to fame, can you imagine: "perhaps you've seen me in a Grace Slick video-I was the face for the line "sons of whores."

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