The A's

After Last Night

Note: According to comments on YouTube, this video was on VCH, although it is not one that I remember at all. The A's Who's Gonna Save the World is listed in the Wikipedia article as having been on the show -- will post when/if found.


  1. Anonymous said...
    The full video shows that this clip is from a show called "Street Beat". Richard Bush gave me a DVD containing this video and "Grounded"

    Chris Oliver said...
    Yeah, I remember "Who's Gonna Save the World." Amazing that you're finding any evidence of this band existing, though. Or The Sports. I remember there was also a band called Shooting Star (I think?), that had a violin in the band. Does that sound familiar?
    Mel said...
    Yes, Shooting Star definitely sounds familiar. Here's their Wikipedia entry -- their first album came out in 1979. Anything I've been able to find on YouTube seems to be from later in the '80s or early '90s. I'll keep looking.


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