The A's

This is from the British show Old Grey Whistle Test -- is it also the clip that ran on VCH?


  1. Chris Oliver said...
    I think that is it. I remember the singer was wearing a red shirt (strange how you remember these things). Looks kinda like Carson from Queer Eye.
    Anonymous said...
    Yes, both aired as seperate videos, minus the interview segment. "Who's Gonna Save the World" aired much more frequently, always shown following The Dickies' "Nights In White Satin".
    Anonymous said...
    My recollection is of the lead singer in a white baseball shirt with green lettering. This video doesn't stir deep memories. I definetely remember the A's following The Dickies though.
    Anonymous said...
    wrong. the video i saw on VCH was the 1 after the interview and used as the fadeout. i remember the lead singer singing about "something more complex." THAT stuck in my mind. listen to it over if you really remember VCH. i saw VCH on SPN (as presented here) in florida. damn you had to hope that it was on late at night. richard
    Anonymous said...
    the song that was in heavy rotation
    was "after last night"
    "now that we're older, it's more complex."

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