The Headboys

There was a video on VCH that I remembered as being either by The Headboys or Dead Boys and having rain in it. A little searching turned up that it was The Shape of things to Come from The Headboys. It's odd when you start listening to a forgotten song, then before you know it, you're recalling the next lyrics they sing. No luck in finding the video, but here is the MP3!


  1. Groovera.com said...
    Thank you Mel! That song has haunted me for years. I remember being in third grade and how it stuck in my head. Now nearly twenty years later, I get to hear it again thanks to you. Now I's just got to find a copy of the CD....

    bb said...
    Great site - thanks for doing this.

    I watched VCH between 1979-80, when I was about 17 - it ran on Brookhaven Cable (Long Island) Channel 6 at about 1130 pm most weeknights.

    If I remember correctly, the announcers were named Ned Lukens and Mike Durrett.
    Anonymous said...
    Wow, that was great! Like Q, I too have had that song going through my head for the last 25+ years. Haven't heard it in all that time, but I was singing along and knew all the music and beats. I can even picture parts of the video and the moves of the singer/guitarist in my head.

    I watched VCH as much as possible while it was on from Los Angeles. There were always the characteristic satellite computer tones at the beginning meaning the show was now being streamed and broadcast. It was a very exciting time for me personally and for music and television too.

    - Randy
    pegboy said...
    thank you soooo much. i am 38 and when i was 10 i heard this song on vch once and have never forgot it. i sing it as oh oh oh oh oh kick him in the crotch. i though i would never hear this song again and had no idea where to even look for it as i had no band name or song title. i just bought the vinyl on ebay and will have this digital as soon as i get it. let me know if anyone needs a copy. pegboy@wyoming.com thank you thank you thank you. i can now die

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