New Romance

Finally! This has to be one of the most-asked-about Video Concert Hall vids. The sound is pretty low (and tinny), but at least the video is available for viewing.

And here is another Spider video that got a little play on VCH.
Everything is Alright

Thanks, as always, to Paul, for spotting these videos.


  1. Mel said...
    It is worth noting that the Spider's drummer was Anton Fig, probably best known for his work with the World's Most Dangerous Band/CBS Orchestra. He and Amanda 'Blue' Leigh of Spider were once married.
    Anonymous said...
    Have not seen this in 29 years since Video Concert Hall aired it. Great memories. Love this Site. Does Anyone have the original David London -Samantha video-(fergie frederiksen)?
    Anonymous said...
    Oh my gosh, I remember this video from my teens! Me, my brother and sister used to watch VCH all the time! Thanks so much, this is great!

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