The Shape of Things to Come

This video recently surfaced, but it is, unfortunately, not the one that aired on Video Concert Hall, which could be described as more of a theatrical video, shot on film. My personal (vague) recollection is that it was set on a rainy night. Paul's more specific recollection of the clip is that it included what looked like a medieval stone castle after dark, with the band scattered out over a greater distance (and the keyboard player facing sideways), and that there was some kind of a plot to it.

Even though this does not appear to be the clip that appeared on VCH, it is still cool to see The Headboys, and is a great addition to this archive. We'll continue to keep our eyes open for the promo video.

Thanks to Ed on MySpace, who pointed out that this video had been posted to YouTube.


  1. Cary said...
    I can't believe I've never heard of these guys, but I haven't. I dig the song, though. Has that sort of early 80s Elvis Costello/Scandal/Cars/Knack vibe to it.
    Anonymous said...
    Hey Mel,

    Remember VCH Well, Wow this sight brought back some great memories. Thanks so much! Does anyone have any actual videos of the show? I actually have a small snipet of the show on an old cassette tape. It's a really bad recording, but might be of some interest.

    Thanks again
    Mel said...
    Wow, your cassette is definitely of interest. So sorry that I didn't notice the comment until now. Please email me: vch@classic-alternative.com.
    Anonymous said...
    I had often thought of the videos that I remembered as the first - two by Tim Curry and one that I remebered as being set on a rainy night at a castle. I wasn't sure if I could find it but I am sure it was this song only, as you have said, a theatrical version. Thanks for the memories. Wes

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